Carpark Types

Perfect for properties just like yours


Available space at your place? Driveways, carports, or underground apartment car parks in high-demand parking areas are always popular on Parkable.


Fund-raise for important community initiatives, missionary work, or facility upgrades by listing your car parks when they aren’t in use.


Managing staff, student, and public parking on campus can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to cause headaches. Parkable is an intuitive and simple platform that provides a smart solution to campus-wide parking problems.

Commercial Property Owners

In the competitive environment of securing and retaining tenants, Parkable is your point of difference, offering an easily administered remedy for a common pain point - parking.


Reduce the effort for your team to come to work with smarter staff parking. Improve the daily commute, reduce admin time, and enhance your work culture.

Schools and clubs

Fund-raise for important school events or facility upgrades by listing your car parks on weekends or school holidays.

Retail and hospitality

When your car parks aren’t needed by customers, why not make them available to the public and create an extra source of income?

Development sites

Turn your empty lot into a revenue stream. Development sites awaiting construction can earn income in the intermediary through renting the space for parking.

A commercial property with a car park. ACME Corp is written on the front of the building
Commercial property

Capitalise on your commercial space. If you have empty after-hour parks, excess on-site parking, or are in-between leases, why not trade it for extra income instead?

Smart Cities

Parkable is built for the future. We prefer green space to cement, want fewer cars on the road, and encourage people to share what they’ve got.


Generate extra revenue by filling your empty hotel car parks. They’re available when your guests need them and yours to share when they don’t!