On Feb 23 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Waverley College, Sydney implements Parkable for shareable and bookable staff parking

Sydney’s Waverley College has launched Parkable to manage its staff parking.

Prior to Parkable, Waverley College used a ballot system to allocate their parking spaces to employees. When someone didn’t receive a park in the ballot, they used street parking.

While this system was fair, it meant that whenever someone with an allocated park was on leave or away from the campus, their parking spot sat empty. Because staff parking at Waverley College is scarce, the team wanted to improve how they used the space.

Introducing Parkable to manage and share staff parking

Parkable enables easy sharing and booking of Waverley College’s staff parks. Using the app, the staff can share their allocated car park with colleagues when they’re on leave, and other members of staff can easily book and request those shared parks.

“We wanted a solution that could help us leverage better value from the parking spaces we had, and provide our staff with a way to locate unused spaces easily and simply. Parkable came along at a perfect time to assist with better management of the limited parking opportunities our staff had.”- Simon Potter, IT Manager

While changing to a new system is always a challenge, Parkable’s experienced customer success team provided engagement tools and platform training to make the transition easy.

“Parkable’s implementation was managed really efficiently and the help and guidance to get staff across the line with adopting the platform was excellent.”
- Simon Potter

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