Reduce the effort for your team to come to work

Improve the daily commute, reduce admin time, enhance your work culture

Smarter staff parking

Parkable turns an underutilised asset into an efficient and valuable one by controlling limited car parks and offering available spaces to staff. It’s the smart parking solution that provides significant administrative and financial benefits while enabling your people to commute with confidence.

Effortlessly manage your company’s car parks from one easy-to-use platform

Whether you have one location or many, Parkable provides flexibility, visibility and scalability, meaning the power is in your hands:

  • Set pricing for your organisation’s car park(s)
  • Control who has access by inviting members
    to use the car park via the app
  • Add or remove bays to your car park
  • Allocate certain parking permissions/privileges to different groups or departments
  • Set business rules your organisation would
    like to use for administration
  • Integrate the app with access control gates

Create happier people

Parkable puts people first by:

  • Enabling staff to access available internal parks instead of spending their time circling the block
  • Removing the stress of searching for parking by allowing staff to reserve a park before they start their commute, or letting them know in advance if no onsite parking is available that day
  • Encouraging a positive sharing culture where staff with long-term parks can share their bay with other colleagues when they’re not using it

Save time and money

Administrators benefit from:

  • Real-time reporting on capacity and availability
    of car parks to better utilise scarce space
  • Integration with existing company processes to streamline and reduce time spent by admin staff
  • Automated problem resolution through the app -  when users have a parking issue Parkable provides solutions in real-time

Support company culture

Parkable and positive culture go together like coffee and Monday morning. Parkable:

  • Breaks traditional hierarchical norms, enabling fair access to previously ‘exclusive’ internal car parks
  • Provides more opportunity for staff to ride-share and commute together
  • Encourages colleagues to share their parks with others in the organisation

Ready for the smarter way to manage your parking?

What Parkable for Business users are saying


Pain-free parking has arrived

An app parkers love

Intuitive and easy to use, the Parkable app makes it simple to find, reserve, share, and pay for parking, or manage and share long-term parks - all from your phone.

Reporting dashboards

Access real-time tracking and reports on how your parks are being used.

Smart hardware

License plate recognition, access control, and parking sensors are smart hardware solutions for a future of pain-free parking.

Smart visitor parking

With Parkable, visitors have an effortless experience, plus invitation and booking are easy.

Automated problem resolution

Automated problem resolution means you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Let Parkable automatically get to the bottom of a parking problem - so you don’t have to.

Manage multiple locations

Whether it’s one property or a portfolio, management is simple with one intuitive platform.

Easy payments

For parkers, pricing is transparent and payment is quick and easy via the app. For admin, payments for generated revenue are monthly and automated.

Integration with access control

Parkable can be integrated with access control, so authorised parkers can open gates seamlessly.

Park sharing

People with allocated bays have the option of sharing their bay with others, helping to better utilise space and encourage a positive sharing culture.

Manage multiple groups

Parkable allows you to establish different parking privileges or permissions to different groups within your organisation.

Try effortless staff parking for yourself