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$1,584 /per month

$19,008 /per year


Capitalise on your empty space

by efficiently managing your unused hotel car parks

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$1,584 /per month

$19,008 /per year

Income from thin air

Parkable turns your empty spaces into an effortless extra revenue stream without the usual demands on your time and attention. List your car parks on Parkable when your hotel guests don’t need them and connect to thousands of paying users looking for a park.

Take the wheel

Having the flexibility to change when the car parks are available means that you have full control over when the parks are needed for guests and when they are shared with the public to generate income. You set the price, availability, and have complete visibility over who’s in your car parks and for how long.

Earn without the effort

Parkable is intuitive and simple to use and it only takes a matter of minutes to list your available spaces. It makes managing your parks as effortless as a few taps on the app - easy!

Ready to turn your empty car parks into extra revenue?

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This is what easy looks like

Quick, free listing

Listing your car park is free and easy

No contracts

You set opening hours, plus you can unlist your space at any time.

Automatic payments

You’re paid automatically into your nominated bank account every month.

Local team

Support is never far away with a local Parkable team in your area.

Real-time tracking

Love to be in the know? You can see who’s parking in your space at any time.

Yours when your guests need them, income when they don't