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$1,584 /per month

$19,008 /per year


Turn concrete into cash

Driveway, carport or apartment car park, make money from your spare space

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$1,584 /per month

$19,008 /per year

You’re the boss

As a Parkable host, you have full control over when you make your space available and what price you set. Share your park on the days and times you’re not using it, like when you’re at work, and use it when you need it. It’s that easy.

You get paid

Automatic payments go directly to your bank account each month that your space is rented. That means extra cash for whatever is on the horizon.

Your driveway could be making you money

What Parkable hosts are saying


Live in an apartment and have a secure carpark? You can still share on Parkable!

If your parking space is usually off limits to the public you can still list your space on Parkable as a subscription park. That means the same person will subscribe to use your park each day - still keeping things nice and secure.

In these cases, we won't make you do any of the hard work. We charge the new subscriber a bond for the access card and organise passing the card from you to them. Easy as.

This is what easy looks like

Quick, free listing

Listing your car park is free and easy

No contracts

You set opening hours, plus you can unlist your space at any time.

Automatic payments

You’re paid automatically into your nominated bank account every month.

Local team

Support is never far away with a local Parkable team in your area.

Real-time tracking

Love to be in the know? You can see who’s parking in your space at any time.

Listing your space takes 2 minutes, what are you waiting for?