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$1,584 /per month

$19,008 /per year

Retail and hospitality

An effortless extra revenue stream

without the usual demands on your time and attention

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$1,584 /per month

$19,008 /per year

Earn without the effort

Even when your business is closed or off-peak, your car parks might be the envy of the town. Make your empty parks work while you don’t by listing your space on Parkable and connecting to thousands of paying Parkers.

Call the shots

You’re the boss when it comes to the availability and price of your parks. It’s easy to begin and there are no contracts in sight. Listing your space takes a matter of minutes and management is simple through your Smartphone.

Cover your costs

With extra income from Parkable you’ll be thinking up endless ways to put it to good use.  Some savvy Parkable Hosts already use their generated revenue to cover lease costs, general business overheads, or for putting on the best Friday after-work drinks - we’ll let you decide what’s more important.

Extra income without the work. Sounds good doesn't it?

What Parkable hosts are saying


This is what easy looks like

Quick, free listing

Listing your car park is free and easy

No contracts

You set opening hours, plus you can unlist your space at any time.

Automatic payments

You’re paid automatically into your nominated bank account every month.

Local team

Support is never far away with a local Parkable team in your area.

Real-time tracking

Love to be in the know? You can see who’s parking in your space at any time.

Listing your space takes 2 minutes, what are you waiting for?