Parkable is the smart solution

to campus-wide parking problems

Better campus experiences

Effortlessly manage campus parks to better utilise space through bay sharing, create positive campus experiences through easy travel, and reduce the time and resource burden of managing it all. It's the smart solution to campus-wide parking.

Effortlessly manage your university parks

Whether it’s one location or across campuses, Parkable provides flexibility, visibility and
scalability, meaning the power is in your hands:

  • Choose the number of parking bays allocated to faculty and the number of bays available to students and the public. Scale this up and down as needed
  • Offer empty faculty parks to paying users looking for parks in real-time
  • Set the hourly or daily rates users will pay and vary the rate per location
  • Grant access to secure parks via the app
  • Set any rules you would like to use for administration

Create happier people

Parkable promotes positive campus experiences through:

  • Ease of movement by enabling faculty, students and visitors to find, park and pay on campus all from their phone
  • Taking the guesswork and stress out of traveling in and out of campus by allowing users to see available parks and reserve one in advance
  • Ensuring every parking bay is being utilised, rather than having bays remain empty while your people search elsewhere for parking

Earn more, do less

Generate revenue and reduce the time and resource burden of managing your carpark(s) by:

  • Controlling limited car parks and offering empty spaces to paying users
  • Having visibility of real-time reporting on capacity and availability of car parks to continuously better utilise scarce space
  • Integration with existing company processes to streamline and reduce time spent by admin staff
  • Automated problem resolution through the app - when users have a parking issue the Parkable platform provides solutions in real-time

University parking has never looked better

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Pain-free parking has arrived

An app parkers love

Intuitive and easy to use, the Parkable app makes it simple to find, reserve, share, and pay for parking, or manage and share long-term parks - all from your phone.

Reporting dashboards

Access real-time tracking and reports on how your parks are being used.

Smart hardware

License plate recognition, access control, and parking sensors are smart hardware solutions for a future of pain-free parking.

Smart visitor parking

With Parkable, visitors have an effortless experience, plus invitation and booking are easy.

Automated problem resolution

Automated problem resolution means you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Let Parkable automatically get to the bottom of a parking problem - so you don’t have to.

Manage multiple locations

Whether it’s one property or a portfolio, management is simple with one intuitive platform.

Easy payments

For parkers, pricing is transparent and payment is quick and easy via the app. For admin, payments for generated revenue are monthly and automated.

Integration with access control

Parkable can be integrated with access control, so authorised parkers can open gates seamlessly.

Park sharing

People with allocated bays have the option of sharing their bay with others, helping to better utilise space and encourage a positive sharing culture.

Manage multiple groups

Parkable allows you to establish different parking privileges or permissions to different groups within your organisation.

Stress-free campus wide parking management, yes it exists