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How a parking lot management system humanizes workplace parking

So how does a parking lot management system help? Well as we know, parking is one aspect of daily life we don't always have space to think about. For example, when you have a report due in a few hours and have to present with a mustard stain on your shirt, you don't want to worry about where you'll park your car when you get back from lunch.

But parking is consistently one of employees' top complaints about their workplace. Not being able to locate a parking space or having to search for a long time are real irritations. As well as feeling as though you miss out on the good spots if you don't come to work extra early. These can all lead to feelings of resignation.

Parking management systems offer an elegant solution to parking problems. Parking lot management systems help organize available parking spaces according to your customers' and employees' real-time parking needs. This frees up space, creates a better working environment, and improves coveted parking spaces for potential customers.

What is Parkable?

Parkable is a parking lot management system that allows a company to designate which parking spaces are available for their organization. Using advanced algorithms, the app recognizes how many parking spaces there are and who can book them. This makes parking management very easy. In addition, the algorithm recognizes when someone shares their parking spot and can automatically reassign.

Another excellent feature is being able to book a space days in advance. This reassures employees that they will have a parking spot when they arrive at work. If they can't find available space to book, they have plenty of time to arrange another way of getting to work. These can include public transport, bike riding, or ride-sharing.

EV charging stations

An excellent feature of managing your parking spaces is being able to park specialized vehicles in specialized spaces. As electric vehicles (EV) become more popular, having a place to park and charge an EV is a significant perk for eco-friendly employers.

If you choose to set aside chargers for employees, you can program Parkable's parking management system to recognise this. It will detect which employees need that space for their EV and designate it for them.

EV charging for customers is another perk you can give visitors to your building. Parkable’s algorithm can be set to allow for only customer parking in EV charging spaces.

Parkable offers an easy EV charger management option so you can manage, share, and monetize EV chargers. Whether you choose to allow employees and customers to charge for free or charge a fee, Parkable makes it streamlined and straightforward.

What makes a parking management system so great?

Easier staff parking billing

A significant benefit of empowering employees to book spaces and track how often they use them is that it streamlines charging staff for parking. Instead of a salary sacrifice model wherein staff give up a fixed amount of their salary for parking privileges regardless of how often they use parking, charges are based on usage. This makes it much fairer and encourages employees to find alternative ways to travel.

Payments are simple, done with daily, weekly, or monthly mobile payments that work as seamlessly as Uber. This takes the hassle out of billing.

Increased efficiency with a parking lot management system

There's an increase in efficiency across the board. Employees can save time finding a parking space before inevitably feeling defeated and parking far away by having a space already booked.

Those who don't enjoy driving in the city can more easily make ride-sharing plans with other employees. Failing that they might be offered incentives to try alternate forms of transportation. Employees with flexible schedules can plan more effectively. They will know when they will and won't have parking made available to them.

Employees can still have dedicated parking spaces available when needed. However, if they are away from the office, their spaces can be repurposed. This will increase the overall parking areas available for all employees, no matter their seniority.

Support for flexible working policies

Allowing employees to work earlier or later as feasible is a great work perk that many people with children or other responsibilities or hobbies like to take advantage of. However, flexible working policies can put added strain on parking.

Some employees show up when there is nowhere left to park. They then have to walk blocks to their car at the end of their workday. This can sometimes be at night if they work a flexible schedule. But parking management systems can free up parking spaces for different types of workers at different times.

A parking lot management system boosts morale

Companies using Parkable's parking management system have found a marked increase in morale. Many employees felt under the old system that parking was unfair. Making them feel less valued than other employees.

For instance, one company CEO using Parkable's parking lot management system admitted that it felt strange to her that she had a personal space assigned just to her.

In addition, she disliked that this spot would sometimes be empty. This left employees parking streets away and fighting for their spot, despite it being open. Using Parkable, she has a spot when she needs one but can also ensure that parking is fair for everyone.

Employees are not afraid to discuss parking management systems' benefits. For example, two-thirds of employees think that using the Parkable parking lot management system has made parking at work fairer than before. Added to that, 1 in 3 said that park sharing improved their perception of work culture.

Employees can also ride-share more easily. When someone knows they have a space booked, it's straightforward for them to approach others offering ride-sharing options.

Encouraging eco-friendly solutions

Parkable allows companies to incentivize employees to use alternate forms of transportation. Such as scooters, bikes, E-bikes, or public transport. This saves the employee gas money and contributes to more eco-friendly solutions.

Customer satisfaction

When coming to a business, customers need to feel like their trip is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Unfortunately, parking is a common irritant that makes any situation 100 times more stressful than it needs to be. Say the parking lot is full of employees' vehicles and customers are huffing and puffing from a few blocks away. This reflects poorly on the business and leaves a bad taste in customers' mouths.

Parkable's parking management system frees up important parking spaces to make the parking experience more enjoyable for your customers.

People-friendly, stress-free parking

Although parking is usually treated as an afterthought, it has a massive effect on our daily lives. Parking costs companies more than they realize in human, financial, and administrative woes. By using a parking management system that efficiently organizes your parking, you can ease a lot of strain. It eliminates many of the problems, costs, and irritation associated with parking for your customers and coworkers.

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