Our story

Stress-free parking

Our Mission

Parkable was founded with a playful spirit and an ambitious goal: to make parking easy and stress-free, while ensuring that communities, workplaces, and commercial properties make the best use of their space.

Our origin story takes place in a grundy, concrete car park. Like everyone, we were experiencing exorbitant parking prices, the gut-wrench of a massive fine or tow, the broken parking machines, and the frustrating daily search for a parking spot.

But when we looked around, we also saw available parking space everywhere - empty driveways, underused spaces outside supermarkets, churches, hotels, and in business parks.

Why not make them available to the public? The businesses would earn some extra income, fewer new car parks would need to be built, and more affordable, effortless, transparent parking would be available to everyone.

That was back in 2015. Since then, Parkable has been backed by experienced, passionate investors and led by our CEO Toby Littin and management team to achieve stress free parking for people around the world.

Evolving to become the workplace parking solution

Over time, our horizons expanded as we realised that parking at workplaces and tenanted properties has another whole raft of issues. Underused real estate, huge administration burden, clunky payment and access processes, poor experiences for employees - and no real solution.

Parkable evolved to be the solution.

Today, clients using Parkable have car parks that are shareable and bookable, so whoever needs a park at work can get one with ease, and space doesn’t sit empty. Managing parking is quick in the admin panel, and hardware like access gates, computer vision cameras, and EV chargers are integrated into Parkable’s software so that every aspect of staff parking is seamless.

Most importantly, staff and tenants are happy because our world-class change management and onboarding processes give businesses an easy transition to better parking.

Our vision

But we don’t just want to make parking easy and optimised; we also think better parking has a part to play in a more sustainable future. We believe parking should be available at work when it’s really needed (for example, when you have to drop kids at school and then rush to a big presentation) - not all the time.

By making workplace parking a shared resource, we can provide parking to those who need it to create easier mornings, while also encouraging people to use greener modes of transport the rest of the time.

We believe that parking doesn’t have to suck. It should be easy and affordable, and maybe even make you smile.

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