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Stress-free parking for everyone

By reserving a park in advance, people can plan their commute knowing they have a spot. They'll arrive on time, stress-free, and ready to work. Plus, people with an allocated parking spot can share it with others when they don’t need it, so more people can park easily on-site.

  • Fair and inclusive access to parking
  • Book parking for tomorrow, or for the week ahead
  • Easy to share parking, within built-in incentives

Use 100% of your parking space

The average commercial car park is 20-35% empty at any given time due to people being sick, at meetings, or on holiday. Parkable's car park management system lets you see which parks are in use, and facilitates park sharing to give more people access to parking.


Reduce parking management admin

Businesses save valuable administrative time and are empowered to make informed decisions with a platform that automatically:

  • Resolves parking issues
  • Simplifies management of multiple locations/groups
  • Provides real-time occupancy tracking
  • Generates comprehensive usage reports
  • Integrates with access control and other hardware
  • Reports usage so you can reduce your Fringe Benefits Tax

Flexible to suit your car park

With a car park management system that's totally flexible, you can easily manage all kinds of parking. Plus, as your organisation changes, so can your car park. Parkable facilitates:

  • Casual (first in first served) parking
  • Individually allocated parking
  • Visitor parking
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Tandem parking
  • Public parking

A channel to generate revenue

For organisations wishing to charge for parking, Parkable's parking management software facilitates easy payments, and automatic revenue payments are sent monthly.

This enables:

  • Recouping of costs
  • A new revenue stream
  • A charity donation fund (optional)

Offer world-class visitor parking experiences

First impressions start in your car park. That's why you can swap out-dated booking processes for Parkable's simple, transparent car park management system, guaranteeing better experiences for visitors and businesses.

What does great visitor parking look like?

  • Transparent occupancy
  • Easy booking
  • Great visitor experiences
  • Automatic monitoring

Manage and monetise your EV chargers

If you have electric vehicle chargers in your car park, manage their use with Parkable. With the app you can give private access to staff and visitors, or even make EV chargers available to the public. Plus, it’s flexible whether you want to provide free charging or monetise them for extra revenue.

  • Easy credit card payments through the app
  • View real-time usage and monthly reporting
  • Get automatic monthly payments
  • Integrate any OCPP 1.6J-compliant smart chargers

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Reduce the effort for your team to come to work with smarter staff parking. Improve the daily commute, reduce admin time, and enhance your work culture.

Commercial property

Capitalise on your commercial space. If you have empty after-hour parks, excess on-site parking, or are in-between leases, why not trade it for extra income instead?


Managing staff, student, and public parking on campus can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to cause headaches. Parkable is an intuitive and simple platform that provides a smart solution to campus-wide parking problems.

Smart Cities

Parkable is built for the future. We prefer green space to cement, want fewer cars on the road, and encourage people to share what they’ve got.

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