On Oct 19 2023 / by Sammie Belle Perrie

Panache implements tech solution to combat limited office parking

Panache, a video game start-up based in Montreal, Canada, wanted to make it easier for employees to park at the office so they decided to source more parking spaces. Despite this, they still had fewer parking spaces than they did employee members and it became challenging for employees to find parking without causing conflicts or added stress to their daily commutes!

As an organization that celebrates fairness and a positive employee culture, Panache wanted to ensure employees had every opportunity possible to park at the office and reduce any commute-related stress. So Panache turned to parking management experts, Parkable, for help.

Their employees are now able to check for available parking spaces and book them on a daily basis, all through a very user-friendly mobile app.

But how did Parkable make parking fair? The answer lies in the Future Booking fairness algorithm.

This feature ensures that every employee has a fair chance to secure a parking space without any favoritism. It does this by randomly distributing available spaces to employees who request them. As a result, parking isn't biased towards the traditional first-in-first-serve, and employees know in advance which days they'll have a designated space so they can plan their commute (e.g. taking public transport on the days they don't have a space).

On top of this, the implementation of Parkable's parking management solution has streamlined administrative tasks for Panache's management team. While they'd previously attempted to use calendar booking technology to simplify the process, it took time and effort to make sure space was utilized efficiently and typically fell short of requirements.

Comparatively, onboarding employees to Parkable was easy and painless through the benefits of SSO and by automating the parking space allocation  process managers now have more time each week to focus on important work without the unnecessary (and frequent) parking-related burdens.

Marianne Lupien, Operations Manager at Panache, expressed her enthusiasm about the solution, saying, "Parkable has helped us with our parking operations, and improved the overall experience for our employees. With their easy to use app and fairness allocation system, our employees now have a fair shot at getting a parking space each day… and it’s all automated”!

By partnering with Parkable, Panache is continuing to create a positive and fair work environment. Implementing an easy, stress-free parking experience reflects their dedication to strive for world-class employee experience. With Parkable's assistance, Panache is driving positive change within their organization, one parking space at a time.

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