On May 19 2022 / by Wyoming Paul
Austin Group in Melbourne launches Parkable’s staff parking software at new head office

Austin Group has launched Parkable to manage staff parking at their new Melbourne head office.

On May 16 2022 / by Wyoming Paul
APRA AMCOS in Melbourne launches Parkable for fairly allocated, bookable staff parking

APRA AMCOS has launched Parkable at their Melbourne office, to give more employees access to their onsite parking spots.

On May 04 2022 / by Wyoming Paul
White City Place in West London launches Parkable to reduce parking admin and improve tenant experiences

White City Place in West London is home to over 25 companies, including BBC, ITV, Net-a-Porter, Novartis and Li & Fung. In April they launched Parkable to reduce parking admin and improve tenant experiences.

On Mar 24 2022 / by Cassie Daley
Three companies which support sustainable commutes

We spoke to bicycle storage solutions company Velohawk and carpooling software company Hitch about how platforms and facilities can help workplaces to promote more sustainable commuting habits.

On Mar 20 2022 / by Wyoming Paul
The National Restaurant Association launches Parkable at DC headquarters to ease return to the office

In January, the National Restaurant Association launched Parkable at their headquarters in Washington, DC to support their return to the office.

On Mar 13 2022 / by Wyoming Paul
Parkable partners with HRW Electrical to provide complete EV charging solution for UK workplaces

HRW Electrical is an experienced EV charger installation company, which has been operating in the EV industry for more than three years and won various awards, including Best EV Installer in the United Kingdom.

On Mar 13 2022 / by Cassie Daley
American Association of Colleges of Nursing launches Parkable at Washington DC office

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has launched Parkable at its Washington DC office to share parking spots more fairly amongst their team.

On Mar 09 2022 / by Wyoming Paul
RGF Staffing launches Parkable to save costs while providing better staff parking experiences

RGF Staffing has launched Parkable’s parking management software to create better experiences for their flexible-working team, and optimise their car parks.

On Mar 03 2022 / by Angus Raiman
The Employee Experience Summit NSW 2022: All the best bits

Last week, I attended the 2022 New South Wales Employee Experience Summit. Here are all of my key takeaways from the speakers, or in my view - all the best bits.