Looking for long-term parking?

Never have to think about where you’re parking again! Use the Parkable app to secure a long-term park

Park in the same spot every day

Find a park

Simply download the free Parkable app to access all the long-term parking options near you. Select a park and tap to secure your spot!

Pay automatically

Automatic payments are made each week or month for a seamless experience. You can cancel your subscription at any time for full flexibility

Share when you're away

Don’t need your park every day? Share it with the Parkable community and get a discount on next month’s payment when someone uses your park

Secure a long-term park

Find a convenient park
Download the Parkable app and tap ‘Long-term’ to check your local options
Choose your subscription
Tap on a park and select a weekly or monthly parking subscription
Automated payments
Monthly or weekly payments are automated for a seamless experience

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