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Share your bay

Want to share your allocated park when you don't need it? With Parkable, sharing is easy. 

1. Open the app

2. Tap ‘View’ in the top banner which reads 'You have an active subscription’

3. Share your bay for the remainder of the day or the next two days by tapping the sliders to green

4. To schedule sharing further in the future, tap on the arrow to the right of ‘View calendar’ and select the days on which you want to offer your bay to others

5. Tap ‘Confirm’ in the lower right-hand corner of the screen - all set to share!

If you want to remove sharing, you can do so as long as no one has already reserved or parked in your bay. Simply follow the steps above to find the sharing calendar, and tap the dates that you have shared - this will 'un-share' them!