Turn empty parking spaces into a shared tenant amenity

The sharing pool allows property managers and workplaces to automatically share unused parking spaces on a flexible basis

How the Parkable sharing pool works for multi-tenant office buildings

Why create a sharing pool?

Easy sharing
Easy sharing

Any excess parking and available space from tenants is automatically shared into a pool, which tenants and the public can book with ease

Unlock additional revenue 

Earn money from spaces that would otherwise sit empty, with payments & bookings handled in-app

Provide extra amenities

Add & remove spaces from the sharing pool instantly, without needing to adjust leases

Get more from your multi-tenant parking assets


On-demand parking

The sharing pool solves the problem of daily fluctuations in tenant demand for parking by giving employees access to vacant spaces when they need them - including EV spaces!


Turn empty spaces into income

Property owners can monetise excess space by making it available to tenants and the public. Tenants can also share their available parking space, recouping their lease costs. With daily rates and the revenue split set by the property owner, it's a win-win for owners and tenants.


Lease-friendly parking spaces

Tenants can access extra parking for their employees through the sharing pool without changing their leases. They are also able to contribute their own unused spaces without changing your lease agreements.

How it works

Share unused spaces
Owners enable the sharing pool for their property, select the price, and contribute excess parking spaces
Invite tenants
Tenants opt into the sharing pool, and decide whether to contribute their own unused parking spaces
Employee booking
Those who need onsite parking use the app to reserve an available space from the sharing pool


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