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On Oct 20 2021 / by Wyoming Paul
Brisbane’s Stamford Plaza Hotel launches Parkable to fill unused guest car parks

Over the past 18 months, hotels have struggled with fewer guests. For hotels like Stamford Plaza Brisbane, this is partly solved by becoming an MIQ facility. But while hotel rooms are filled, the guest car parks often remain underutilised.

On Oct 12 2021 / by Wyoming Paul
Park sharing ups the happiness factor in parking-constrained workplaces

Lack of staff parking is a major bone of contention. Time wasted cruising for parking, and earlier starts by employees racing to win limited parking, take their toll on worker wellbeing. This is even more pressing with flexible working.

On Oct 05 2021 / by Wyoming Paul
Product release: Future booking with fairer sharing

It’s always been our aim to make employee parking stress-free, easy, and fair. Our product team has been hard at work creating future booking with fairer sharing, to make stress-free, easy, fair staff parking... on a whole new level.

On Sep 21 2021 / by Wyoming Paul
Australian Institute of Fitness uses Parkable to share allocated car parks among the team

The Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) Brisbane campus moved offices, transitioning from 28 staff parking spots to just ten, with nine allocated to specific employees. To share parking fairly among the team, AIF implemented Parkable.

On Aug 31 2021 / by Wyoming Paul
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority launches Parkable for return to the office

When they returned to the office, CHFA wanted fair, equitable parking. They chose to remove parking allocations and make most parking available to any employees coming into the office. To manage this transition, CHFA implemented Parkable.

On Aug 17 2021 / by Wyoming Paul
Commercial vacancy in Spring Hill uses Parkable to flexibly share vacant parks

Prior to Parkable, 22 car parks in Spring Hill, Brisbane were periodically leased. Now, they are occupied by paying members of the public 84% of the time. This means consistent revenue from an otherwise underutilised asset.

On Aug 11 2021 / by Wyoming Paul
humm group launches Parkable to share allocated parks fairly among flexible working team

Using the Parkable app, humm group employees with an allocated park share their spot with colleagues when they’re away from the office. This ensures that parks won’t sit empty, and other staff can check the app and book a park in advance.

On Aug 05 2021 / by Wyoming Paul
Savills uses Parkable to generate revenue from excess car parks at Eden Park Drive, Sydney

Savills' multi-tenant commercial property in Sydney had 40 unleased parks. Using Parkable, Savills’ tenants can pay to park on a casual basis, and instead of sitting vacant, the parks are now 85% occupied.

On Jul 21 2021 / by Wyoming Paul
Datacom Wellington launches Parkable to seamlessly transition to fewer car parks

In in June 2021, Datacom lost 100 staff parking spots, leaving them in a tricky situation: they needed to accommodate the same number of employees with half the parking space. To ease the transition, they implemented Parkable.