On Mar 30 2022 / by Wyoming Paul
How painful commutes affect staff retention and recruitment

Sitting in traffic. Searching for a park. Missing the bus. Standing on a crowded train. For many people, the morning commute is a low point, & for those with long commutes, there’s added risk of obesity, loneliness, divorce, & insomnia.

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On Oct 30 2023 / by Abi Spence
Parkable partners with Engrain to provide parking efficiencies across multi-tenanted buildings

Parkable, the leading Parking Management Software, has announced an integration with Engrain, a recognized leader in next-generation touring technology and map-based data visualization.

On Oct 19 2023 / by Sammie Belle Perrie
Panache implements tech solution to combat limited office parking

Panache, a video game start-up based in Montreal, Canada, wanted to make it easier for employees to park at the office so they decided to source more parking spaces. Despite this, they still had fewer parking spaces than they did employee members and it became challenging for employees to find parking without causing conflicts or added stress to their daily commutes!

On Jul 12 2023 / by Krystal Lai
Parkable and Microsoft join forces to elevate employee experience and supercharge efficiency.

Microsoft has teamed up with Parkable to tackle their parking woes and revolutionise the employee experience at their Wellington and Christchurch offices. This dynamic collaboration aims to optimise parking operations and embrace the trend of hybrid working, making the daily commute a breeze.

On Jul 21 2023 / by Kay Sargent
Steps to creating an inclusive workplace

The built environments that we live, work and play in impact each of us. As workplace managers we can help address an age-old problem, social inequity, systemic racism, and social injustice. To truly design a space that is inclusive it’s important to understand how space affects people from varying perspectives and characteristics.

On Jul 10 2023 / by Estelle Curd
Championing new tech ideas internally

Learn how businesses are optimising their workforce in the new normal by overcoming specific challenges with innovative strategies and technology. Our panel of experts will share examples plus valuable tools and tips on effectively championing new ideas to create a productive and inviting environment.

On Jun 30 2023 / by Krystal Lai
Transforming parking with Flo & Frankie

Fashion and lifestyle brand, Flo & Frankie, transforms parking management through app-based software, Parkable. Employees now have full visibility of available parking and can reserve parking spaces in advance. Additionally, they no longer drive blindly or pay absorbent amounts for public parking in the area through more availability.

On Jun 16 2023 / by Krystal Lai
Whitelaw Twining and Parkable partner to promote simple and seamless bay sharing

With offices across Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Victoria, Whitelaw Twining sought a parking solution to address their parking challenges, enhance the overall employee experience, and optimize parking operations in the current hybrid working world.

On Jun 15 2023 / by Chantel Anderson
Your guide on how to pitch new tech at work

Companies are pulling all levers to try to navigate today’s waters, whether it’s decreasing headcount, delaying bonuses, pushing back timelines for new products, pausing hiring or tightening travel budgets.