Real-time mapping and management

Gain visibility and control over your parking assets, allocations and utilisation with an interactive map

Visualise, manage, report

Easy viewing

Quickly filter to view groups, tenants, space type and availability to identify parking allocations and excess spots at a glance

Seamless updates

Allocate and update parking resources with a simple drag-and-drop system, and see all changes immediately reflected in the map

Automated records

Download PDFs of your entire car park map, or create a record for a single tenant's parking lease. Replace spreadsheets in a few clicks

Replace spreadsheets and hand drawn maps


Enhanced visibility over parking use

View the layout of your entire parking garage or lot, in addition to the parking space type and status.

  • Get a crystal-clear view of your parking assets and their utilisation by employees or tenants
  • Gain real-time insight, with activity colour-coded into your map (whether the space is available, occupied, suspended, a visitor space and much more)
  • Instantly update maps and filter parking by group or tenant, space type, and availability

Greater control and management

Interact with the map in real-time, with filtering based on group, tenant, type, and availability.

  • Track current activity and update parking allocations in seconds
  • Identify parking optimisations and unleased spots at a glance
  • Instantly check which vehicles should be parking where, for easy enforcement of the parking lot

Accurate data & record of service

Export an up-to-date view of your parking lot for easy lease management.

  • Easily export maps and parking allocations in a few clicks
  • Attach PDFs as lease document records
  • Downloads are response to your filtering, so you can create PDFs for the entire car park, excess space only, or for specific tenants

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