Easy EV charger management

The app and platform for managing, sharing and monetising EV chargers

Easily manage your EV chargers

Staff management

Give access to staff, visitors, or the public. Provide free charging for guests or monetise your chargers for extra revenue.

Real-time reporting

View real-time usage and monthly reporting for an accurate view of how chargers are used and more informed decision-making.

Seamless payments

EV drivers pay for charging via the Parkable app, and you're sent automatic monthly payments.



Connect your smart EV chargers

Parkable's EV charge software supports all OCPP 1.6J-compliant smart chargers.

  • Customise permissions based on workplace and public availability
  • Manage electrical load
  • Set and update charging rates and tariffs based on API or demand

You can integrate Parkable with pre-installed smart chargers, or contact us and we'll help you find the best chargers for you.


Effortless car park management

Improve the efficiency and optimisation of your entire car park.

  • Share space between staff or even with the public
  • Create better parking experiences
  • Automate problem resolution

Getting started is easy

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Integrate your chargers
Our team will connect Parkable's software with your EV chargers and set you up with easy-to-use management tools
Start earning revenue
Receive automatic monthly payments from Parkable every time someone uses your EV chargers


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Whether you have EV chargers to manage and monetise, are thinking about installing chargers, or are looking at ways to manage charging of your EV fleet, feel free to get in touch.