On Feb 25 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

TSG Auckland launches Parkable’s staff parking management system

Parkable allows TSG to easily share 150 parking spots among 250 staff

TSG on Auckland’s North Shore has over 250 staff members and just 150 parking spots, all of which are allocated to specific employees. Staff without a parking spot are put on a waiting list, but generally that list only moves when someone leaves the business. With no other parking options close to TSG and a long public transport commute for those not living on the Shore, the system was creating difficult mornings for employees. In response, staff on the waiting list have been using the allocated parking spots of their colleagues, causing daily problems in the car park.

For Rebecca Rogers, Office Manager of TSG, resolving these parking issues was taking an hour or more of her time each day. However, Rebecca knew that parking at TSG was a problem of management, not just of scarcity.

“We never really had a system for staff parking. All of TSG’s parks are assigned to staff members, so whenever people were away, parking spots were left empty. The only way to share those parks was for people to advise the business that they would be away from the office, and often people forgot or didn’t bother.”
Rebecca Rogers, Office Manager

Yesterday, TSG launched Parkable’s software to manage their staff parking and facilitate easy park sharing between employees. With more of TSG’s employees now working from home or on flexible schedules, now is the perfect time to ensure that staff can easily share their allocated park with colleagues, and employees driving into the office can find a park.

“Parkable is making car park availability more visible to all staff as well as making it easy for staff to share parks if they are away from the office. People are already loving the ease of use.”
Rebecca Rogers

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