On Jun 16 2023 / by Krystal Lai

Whitelaw Twining and Parkable partner to promote simple and seamless bay sharing

Whitelaw Twining, a Vancouver-founded leading legal company with over 40 years of experience, has partnered with Parkable to promote simple and seamless bay sharing.

With offices across Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Victoria, Whitelaw Twining sought a parking solution to address their parking challenges, enhance the overall employee experience, and optimize parking operations in the current hybrid working world.

The company faced the issue of car parks sitting empty and underutilized due to the rise of flexible working arrangements. In fact, all 13 stalls were allocated to partners, leaving limited options for other workers who typically didn't have access to parking spaces.

This resulted in wasted real estate and an unoptimized employee experience.

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, Whitelaw Twining approached Parkable's CEO Toby Littin, whom they met at a conference in Seattle in the US. The partnership aimed to prevent bays from sitting empty when partners were working remotely, enable seamless sharing among team members, and simplify the journey from home to work.

Parkable stepped in to coordinate and promote simple and seamless sharing, eliminating the frustration and inefficiency of empty parking spaces. Today, workers in the surrounding area have the opportunity to utilize the empty bays, while staff at the office benefit from improved parking options, leading to a less stressful commute.

By implementing Parkable's innovative platform, Whitelaw Twining ensures that parking spaces no longer sit empty. The advanced future booking feature also provides employees with full visibility of parking availability and the ability to reserve spaces in advance. This means that the uncertainties and stresses of finding parking upon arrival are eliminated, offering a guaranteed parking spot and enabling employees to plan their commutes with confidence. This feature also aligns with hybrid working styles, embraces flexibility, and fosters a sharing-based culture through seamless and easy bay sharing.

"We were facing the issue of parking spaces sitting empty, causing frustration and inefficiency. Partnering with Parkable has been a game-changer for us. Their seamless and equitable parking experience has transformed our operations and improved the overall employee experience," says Lily Pollard, Director of Operations and Human Resources at Whitelaw Twining.

“We have now created a sharing-based culture and provided more parking options for our staff. It's been a win-win situation, enhancing our workplace and enticing our team members back to the office," adds Pollard.

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