Our story

Stress-free parking

Parkable was founded with a playful spirit and an ambitious goal: to make parking easy and stress-free, while ensuring that local communities make the best use of their space.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: parking is broken. Like everyone else, we were experiencing the exorbitant prices, the gut-wrench of a massive fine or tow, the broken parking machines, and the frustrating daily search for a parking spot. But when we looked around us, we saw available parking space everywhere - empty driveways, underused business parks, dozens of free spaces outside supermarkets, churches and schools. Why wasn’t this space being shared with the community?

It turns out there was a simple explanation. There was no easy way for that sharing to take place, and traditional parking companies weren’t interested in reducing parking scarcity, or in creating a positive experience. In fact, a big chunk of their revenue came from slapping their customers with massive fines and getting them towed.

We started Parkable to create an alternative.

By creating an intuitive app, enabling people to share their space, making price and availability totally transparent, and seeing our customers as humans rather than money cows, we’re able to provide a way to park that contributes to the community, rather than taking away from it.

We believe that parking doesn’t have to suck. It should be easy and affordable, and maybe even make you smile.

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