ANPR: Automatic number plate recognition

Smart cameras for seamless and secure access to your parking lot

What is ANPR?

Automatic number plate recognition, otherwise known as ‘licence plate recognition’, is technology that uses optical character recognition to read vehicle registration plates.

You can use Parkable’s ANPR to grant secure, seamless entry and exit through access control gates, and record which vehicles are in your parking lot.

Why implement licence plate recognition?

Seamless access

Open access gates by simply driving up to the gate. With no swipe cards needed, you have low-touch, easy access, removing congestion at the entry.

Heightened security

Limit parking lot access to an approved list of vehicles. Cameras record each vehicle so you know who has accessed your parking lot and for how long

Automated reporting

ANPR cameras track which vehicles are in the parking lot, giving you automated, real-time information and reporting through the Parkable admin panel

Flexible to suit your car park


Cameras and access control

Parkable will provide industry leading ANPR cameras and proprietary gate controllers selected specifically for the location. The ANPR camera and Parkable platform is compatible with any industry-standard access gates/barriers.

If you have pre-existing ANPR cameras contact us to discuss integration options.


Charge for casual and long-term parking

If you offer paid parking, the Parkable app processes credit card payments while licence plate recognition ensures that parkers are appropriately charged for time spent in the parking lot/garage. There are flexible access and payment options for both your staff and tenants, and for members of the public.

  • Offer long-term paid parking subscriptions to staff, tenants or the public through the Parkable app
  • Ensure that those parking on a daily or hourly basis can only access the parking space if they’ve started a paid parking session on the app

Fleet vehicle management

Use ANPR to simplify parking access for your fleet and gain oversight of which vehicles are available or offsite at any given time.

  • No more need for swipe cards to access the parking space
  • Connect access control to the fleet vehicle - rather than the driver
  • Use the Parkable web panel to see which fleet vehicles are available at any given time

Manage private parking

Parkable provides everything else you need to manage company-wide private parking, and improve the efficiency and optimization of your entire parking space.

  • Share allocated parking spots between staff
  • Create better parking experiences
  • Manage multiple groups and locations from one web panel
  • Automate problem resolution

Next steps

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