On Mar 30 2022 / by Wyoming Paul
How painful commutes affect staff retention and recruitment

Sitting in traffic. Searching for a park. Missing the bus. Standing on a crowded train. For many people, the morning commute is a low point, & for those with long commutes, there’s added risk of obesity, loneliness, divorce, & insomnia.

On May 26 2023 / by Sammie Belle Perrie
Schneider transforms their employee parking with technology-based solution, Parkable

Schneider, world renown in the energy industry, has recently paired up with Parkable for a new parking solution at their Australian office. Known around the world as a digital automation and energy management leader, the French multinational were looking for a fresh take on classic parking troubles.

On May 25 2023 / by Gary Bolles
Co-creating the flexible workspace: mindset, skillset, toolset

"In today's rapidly evolving workplace, the demand for new skills is higher than ever before. As the nature of work changes and new technologies emerge, individuals must learn how to adapt and lead in order to succeed."

On May 23 2023 / by Sammie Belle Perrie
JLL partners with Parkable to remove workplace parking headaches

JLL has partnered with Parkable to revamp its parking options. Regarded as an industry leader in the real estate world, JLL recently encountered frustrations with expensive CBD parking.

On May 22 2023 / by Chantel Anderson
How tech enhances productivity in your space and among your teams

In the current landscape, many of us are working with tighter budgets than we’re used to. As a result, it may not seem like the time to invest in anything new. But, when it comes to running an office or workspace, it’s important to always be on the lookout for tools to help with growth, even amid an economic downturn.

On May 18 2023 / by Chantel Anderson
4 Ways Parkable Supports Accessibility and Inclusion in the Workplace

Parkable is not just a parking management solution, but also a tool that supports accessibility and inclusion in the workplace. Here are three ways that Parkable can help organizations create a more inclusive environment for employees and visitors alike.

On May 16 2023 / by Chantel Anderson
Co-creating the Flexible Workspace: Mindset, Skillset, Toolset

In recent years, the concept of flexible workspace has gained immense popularity among organizations of all sizes. Creating a flexible workspace requires a collaborative effort from operational teams, employees, and management. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of co-creating a flexible workspace and the mindset, skillset, and toolset required to achieve this goal.

On May 17 2023 / by Nina Fountain
5 step workplace experience kickstart for facility managers and operations teams

Five Step Workplace Experience Kickstart for Facilities Managers and Operations Teams

On May 17 2023 / by Cassie Daley
Understanding workplace experience & how to deliver it well

The way we work is changing, and with it, the purpose of the office. Today, employers recognise that the office must be more than just a place to work. It must be a space where people are drawn to, where they feel connected to their colleagues, and where they can thrive.