On Mar 20 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

The National Restaurant Association launches Parkable at DC headquarters to ease return to the office

In January, the National Restaurant Association launched Parkable at their headquarters in Washington, DC to support their return to the office.

With around 100 employees and 48 parking spots, the National Restaurant Association didn’t have an efficient way to manage and fairly distribute their parking spots for daily use. This became more challenging once they implemented a flexible working policy.

Parkable allows their employees to book a parking spot in advance, so staff can commute to work in confidence.

“We wanted to make the return to the office as easy and seamless for staff as possible, and that starts with the morning commute. With Parkable, we’re able to offer reservable on-site parking to all of our DC team members, which reduces the stress of coming into the office.”
- Sarah Kane, Project Lead

Bookable parking with simple payments

The National Restaurant Association is also using Parkable to enable payment for their workplace parking. When staff park at the office, they use the Parkable app to start and end a parking session, and are automatically charged for their session and emailed a receipt.

This allows the National Restaurant Association to maximize the value of their parking garage, while creating a simple payment process for staff.

“Parkable has provided a complete parking solution for us. Booking, payment, and soon access control solutions that are easy to use, plus an efficient system for managing the parking garage that reduces the time I need to spend thinking about parking.”
- Sarah Kane

Solve your parking problems

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