On Jul 12 2023 / by Krystal Lai

Parkable and Microsoft join forces to elevate employee experience and supercharge efficiency.

Microsoft has teamed up with Parkable to tackle their parking woes and revolutionise the employee experience at their Wellington and Christchurch offices. This dynamic collaboration aims to optimise parking operations and embrace the trend of hybrid working, making the daily commute a breeze.

With their recent office relocation and expansion, Microsoft faced the daunting task of managing parking across multiple locations. Endless circling around for an open spot was driving their staff crazy. Determined to enhance efficiency and employee satisfaction, they sought a transformative solution. The ultimate objective? Creating a workplace that thrives on productivity and puts employees at the forefront.

Enter Parkable, the game-changer.

By leveraging our platform, Microsoft's employees now have complete visibility of available parking spaces. They can reserve spots in advance, transforming their commute into a stress-free experience. Executives also contribute to the efficiency by sharing their parking bays when they work from home or take leave, maximising space utilisation.

And by enabling simple and seamless bay sharing, parking space utilisation is maximised, eliminating the need for frantic searches as real-time availability updates keep employees in the loop. With this, Microsoft has perfectly streamlined the parking experience, aligning it flawlessly with their hybrid working model. This collaboration fosters a culture of sharing and collaboration, boosting resource efficiency and supercharging productivity.

"We're thrilled to partner with Parkable to enhance our employee experience and parking operations. By implementing their innovative platform, we're providing our staff with a seamless and stress-free parking experience, perfectly aligned with our hybrid working model. This collaboration is a crucial step towards a more efficient and employee-centric workplace," says Manny Charles, Workplace Experience Manager.

With Parkable's cutting-edge platform, Microsoft ensures that no parking space goes to waste, and employees can easily check availability, reserve spaces, and commute to work hassle-free.

"This collaboration not only optimises space utilisation but also fosters a sharing-based culture, supporting our transition to hybrid working. Ultimately, the partnership between Parkable and Microsoft provides a transformative parking solution that caters to the needs of a modern and dynamic workforce," Charles adds.

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