On May 11 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Parkable's parking management software makes sharing space between co-workers easy

One of the best features of Parkable for Business is that it allows companies to make the most efficient use of all of their parking bays - even those assigned to individuals.

Often in a business, people have assigned parking bays made permanently available to them. While tremendously useful to these lucky ones, it means that when they are away - on holiday, sick leave, or working away from the office - the parking space is left empty. For businesses suffering from space scarcity - more staff members than parking spots - having unoccupied bays makes little sense, and can reinforce hierarchy in the business.

Parkable for Business allows those with assigned parking to share their bay with other staff members on the days they are away. This means more parking available to your team, more efficient use of space, and a more equitable sharing culture.

For those businesses already using Parkable for Business, this system has created significantly more available parking, which is now being fully utilised by other members of staff.

At Auckland-based Kiwi Property, the ability to share assigned bays has resulted in a 15.7% increase in the number of parking bays available. These ‘bonus bays’ have an average utilisation of 102%, meaning that on average they are used by at least one other staff member each day they are available, and sometimes more.

“The app is really easy to use - our staff think it’s great,” said Michael from Kiwi Property. “Parking space is really scarce for us, so being able to make the best use of every bay we have is one of the best aspects of Parkable. It’s the shared economy coming to our scarce resources. Now, if someone’s away from the office, their bay goes to another member of staff, and the app makes that transfer extremely easy.”

Datacom has similarly seen an increase in available car parks of 9.87%, and a utilisation rate of 93%. The business’s use of park sharing has increased revenue made from Datacom’s car parks by 18.75%, although in this case the business elects to return the revenue to those employees who share their space.

Parkable for Business also gives flexibility to businesses over how they wish to encourage the sharing of car parks, and each business has taken a different route. Kiwi Property has chosen not to charge subscription holders or casual parkers, and has simply used encouragement to motivate staff to share their unused bays.

At the other end of the spectrum, Datacom has used financial incentives to encourage the sharing of subscription bays, as those subscription holders receive the benefit when someone parks casually in their bay.

Ilona from Datacom, who has a subscription bay, said: “I’ve found that having the ability to give back my parking bay when I’m not coming into the office is easy to do via the Parkable app, but also helps other casual users wanting to use the space. This also allows me to recover that days parking costs, which is a win-win in my view.”

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