On May 23 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Verity Credit Union in Seattle launches Parkable for easy-to-manage and fair staff parking

Verity Credit Union has implemented Parkable at their Seattle office, to improve staff parking for both employees and their facilities team.

With 120 employees and 55 parking spots, parking at Verity Credit Union is in high demand. Prior to Parkable, staff went on a waitlist to get access, and those without a parking spot would sometimes struggle to find other parking options in the city.

For the facilities team, parking was a frustrating task as their only management tool for their two parking lots was a spreadsheet.

“Managing the parking was inconvenient and time consuming. We were using spreadsheets, and there was no clear direction or systems for successfully mitigating issues”

“For employees, there was a long waitlist to get a parking spot. There is not a lot of parking in the Seattle CBD, so if you couldn't park at the office it was pretty challenging. We needed a solution that would be easy to manage and better for employees.”

- Nathan Foshee, Facilities and Real Estate Manager

Fair, easily managed parking with Parkable

Nathan Foshee found that Parkable offered the perfect solution, with both an intuitive management platform and a system that provides fair access to staff parking.

“We wanted to implement a system that allowed all our employees equal access to spots at our HQ - equity is very important to us. Parkable was the perfect solution, as the interface is so easy to navigate and it allows us to fairly allocate parking between all staff who want to drive into the office.”
- Nathan Foshee

With the Parkable app, staff at Verity Credit Union can request parking on the days that they’re driving into the office. The app’s allocation algorithm then fairly distributes parking access between employees, so that everyone gets equal opportunity to park at the office.

Managing the parking lots has also become far easier, as Parkable provides tools and automated solutions for managing access, solving problems, and distributing spots. This means that Verity Credit Union no longer relies on spreadsheets, and can spend less time managing the parking lots.

However, it wasn’t only the software features that led Nathan to choose Parkable

“Along with the product, I chose Parkable because of the people behind the company - they’re very supportive, patient, and responsive. We've been working on this project for a long time, and the Parkable team feels like great friends, not just business partners.”

- Nathan Foshee

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