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Cancellation Policy: Subscriptions


Before you subscribe to a park, it's important to understand how to cancel and what cancellation means. This is Parkable's cancellation policy for subscription parks - laid out with all the nuts and bolts.

How do I cancel a subscription?

You can cancel your subscription park via the Parkable platform or contacting the Parkable support team. If cancelling via the platform simply log in to the app, go to the menu, and select 'My subscriptions'. The details of your subscription park will be listed, along with steps to follow to cancel your subscription.

What happens when I cancel?

When you cancel a subscription park, you retain the park for one full term from the day of cancellation. This full term will be either a week or a month, depending on the term type you selected when creating the subscription. You are charged for this final term, however if you have already paid for part of the term, you will not be charged for the same days twice. During this final term you can use the park as usual. The reason for not allowing immediate termination of subscriptions is to give our hosts time to find a new subscriber.

Here are a few examples to illustrate this in practice:

  • Say you have a weekly term which starts on Mondays, and you decide to cancel the subscription on a Wednesday. This means that your subscription will end on the following Wednesday (one week from the day you pushed 'cancel'), and you can use the park until then. Because you would already have paid for this final week until the Sunday, you would be charged only for the extra days (in this example, you would be charged for the final Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).
  • If you have a monthly term which starts on the 1st of each month, and you decide to cancel your subscription on the 12th of November, then your subscription would end on the 12th of the next month,¬†December. Until December 12th you can use the park as usual, and you would be charged for the 12 additional days in December which your November term did not cover.

Because of this, we recommend thinking ahead about when you would need to cancel the subscription.

What about exceptional circumstances?

If you cancel a subscription and believe that there are exceptional circumstances, please contact us about the situation. It is up to our discretion whether to issue a refund, a partial refund, or no refund, as you are agreeing to our cancellation policy when you subscribe to a park. That being said, let's chat about it - we don't bite!

Can the host cancel my subscription?

Just like parkers, hosts may need to unexpectedly cancel a subscription park. If this happens, we will contact you directly about the situation and help you to find an alternative subscription park. You will also get a refund for the number of days which remained in your term.

For example, if your subscription begins each Monday, and was cancelled by the host on Thursday morning, you will be refunded for the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday which you had already paid for.

If a suitable alternative cannot be found, it is at Parkable's discretion to determine whether the host is required to cover any additional cost for finding a different park.


For our hosts with subscription parks, it's also worth reading the rules for parkers. Here are some additional things for you to keep in mind about cancellations.

What if I need to cancel my subscription park?

If you choose to cancel your subscription park, please contact Parkable directly so that we can make an alternative arrangement for your subscriber(s). Your subscriber will receive a refund for the days which remained in their paid term.

However, if you cancel a parker's subscription without exceptional circumstances, or if it is not beyond your reasonable control, please note...

  • The host is liable for any additional cost that the parker undergoes for finding an alternative park.
  • Whether or not the situation is deemed due to exceptional circumstances beyond the host's reasonable control, and whether the host is responsible for additional costs, is determined at Parkable's discretion.

For more details, please see the Subscription Terms of Service and our General Terms of Service.