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Bay sensors

Parkable’s bay sensors are a self-powered IoT-based sensor system that offers visibility of car park capacity and easy management, and promotes greater efficiencies in mobility.

  • Low-cost bay monitoring in real-time
  • Stand-alone and self-powered for rapid installation
  • Promotes dynamic visitor valet management
  • Automated data collection over time to understand asset use and parker behaviour

Access by phone

Need to get into a car park? Parkable has an IoT-based access control solution that makes the process of entering and exiting access-controlled car parks frictionless.

  • Enter and exit the car park using your smartphone
  • Access and pay for parking from your phone with the same account
  • Control permissions for access to car parks in real-time, from a central dashboard
  • Share access permission only with trusted audiences or expand your horizons to public parking for improved yields

Bay barriers

Bay barriers offer the ability to control who parks in specific parking bays.

  • Bay barriers ensure controlled access at an individual bay level, tailoring the parking experience to suit your intended parker
  • Mobility parks, electric vehicle stations, or VIP bays can be securely reserved for the people they’re meant for
  • Parkers can access the reserved parking bays through a tap on the app

License plate recognition

Parkable’s license plate recognition (LPR) captures the movements of Parkable members through the entry or exit to a car park.

  • Technology allows the LPR to register users going in and out of the car park
  • LPR provides capacity management data in real-time
  • Registers vehicle movement to enable automated park sharing for greater utility and yield