On Mar 13 2022 / by Cassie Daley

American Association of Colleges of Nursing launches Parkable at Washington DC office

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has launched Parkable at its Washington DC office to share parking spots more fairly amongst their team.

Prior to Covid, AACN offered monthly parking to a small number of senior employees. However, during the past two years, AACN decided to open the parking spots to all staff members, so that whoever was driving into the office could park easily onsite.

When people returned to the office, AACN wanted to make the parking spots bookable, and create better experiences for their staff.

Finding a software solution to share parking spots easily

AACN decided to continue offering parking to all members of their team, but also wanted to give employees certainty over whether they would have a spot for the day. They implemented Parkable as a way to make their parking spots easily bookable for staff, while also requiring minimal work from their administrative team.

Employees at AACN can now easily check the Parkable app to see whether parking is available, and can book a parking spot in advance. This means they can commute to work with the confidence that there will be a spot waiting for them.

Plus, the Parkable app makes it easy for AACN employees to pay for parking on a daily basis, which means the company can recover their lease costs and staff aren’t tied to a monthly parking fee.

“We have already had positive feedback from employees on how easy it is to use Parkable. Staff are happy that they can pay for individual days rather than an entire month. This allows us to offer parking to more individuals.”
- Heather Shelford, Director of Finance & Administration

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