On Feb 24 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

The Parkable app now opens access control gates

There are large pockets of parking space in every city that are inaccessible to most of us, because they are securely guarded by access control gates, where the golden key is a plastic access card. This means that a huge amount of space is being underused, while at the same time people circle in their cars, searching for a park.

Parkable’s developers have been busy for months creating a solution for access control, so that these gates can be opened using the Parkable app. Finally, we’re there. Now, those with access-controlled car parks can become Parkable hosts, and Parkable users can access these parks without needing to carry an extra card around.

For hosts, this means increasing the potential and profitability of your space, without a whole heap of admin giving out individual access cards. It also means retaining the security of your carpark, because each parker is part of the Parkable community.

For Parkable users, it means more parks to choose from, and convenient access to secure parks from your phone, without needing to put down a bond on an access card - or needing to worry about losing it. Already, Parkable has added two new inner city hosts this month, made possible through this exciting new technology.

Through partnering with IoTStream NZ, we have developed an access control device utilising Bluetooth and Internet of Things connectivity. At a tap of your phone, the gates will open. The device we have created is universal, so that any access-controlled car park can install it and open their space to Parkable users.

If you’re parking in town, look out for the new Parkable signs on 110 Symond Street!

For access, you only need your phone.

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