On May 16 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

APRA AMCOS in Melbourne launches Parkable for fairly allocated, bookable staff parking

APRA AMCOS has launched Parkable at their Melbourne office, to give more employees access to their onsite parking spots.

Previously, parking spots at APRA AMCOS were allocated to specific staff members. When employees were out of the office, their parking spots would sit empty.

To use these empty spots, colleagues had to email the car park holder for permission, which was inefficient and benefitted whoever arrived at the office first. Often, staff ended up paying for parking elsewhere, while APRA AMCOS’s staff spots lay empty.

The solution: Parking management software

APRA AMCOS Melbourne heard about Parkable from their New Zealand colleagues, who use the parking management platform in their Auckland office.

“Parkable came highly recommended by our New Zealand colleagues - we listened with envy when they told us about the ease of pre-booking parking bays and how the spots were fairly allocated between their team members! We decided that we wanted Parkable, too.”

- Kelly Fooks, Office Coordinator

With Parkable, the team has transitioned to a system where anyone can book a parking spot in advance, on the days when they know they need to drive into the office. The Parkable app makes the booking process simple for employees, and knowing they have a spot waiting for them reduces the stress of the commute.

“My colleagues are loving the Parkable app! With our hybrid return to the office, we wanted to make access to the car park fairer for everyone, and the journey to the office a more enjoyable experience.

“Being able to see parking availability for the week ahead and future book car parks as and when they need them takes the stress out of the morning commute, knowing they have somewhere to park onsite when they arrive."

- Kelly Fooks

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