On Feb 25 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Aurecon launches Parkable to improve staff and visitor parking experiences

Improving the use of their scarce parking and making it easier for people to find a spot

Engineering, design, and advisory company Aurecon has around 250 staff at its Newmarket office and welcomes dozens of clients and visitors every day. However, with just 58 on-site parking spots, staff and visitors were struggling to park when they drove in.

Aurecon has now launched Parkable to improve their parking experience. With complete visibility over car park availability, and the ability to share assigned parking spots between team members and visitors, Aurecon can improve the use of their scarce parking space and make it easier for people to find parking.

"It's important for us to create a great visitor experience and to also create a great experience for staff getting into work.
“Our visitor car parks are first-in-first-serve, and we are hoping to create a better client visit by being able to place our clients in allocated car parks if they're empty or have been made available by the car park owner.
“Our working schedule is very flexible and being able to share our assets when they’re not being used creates a better experience for staff parking on-site."
- Tristan Ilich, Data and Telco Leader

So far, Aurecon staff are enjoying the change.

"We've received heaps of positive feedback so far. We always see the car park full now and it's rare that it's ever empty.
"My favourite part about Parkable so far is that the team really made the entire onboarding process so easy for us."
Steff Gietman, Lead Client Experience Ambassador

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