On Feb 25 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Brisbane Technology Park launches Parkable to make parking simple

Replacing a manual process with seamless payments and monitoring

For BTP in Eight Mile Plains, parking was a headache. The Convention and Exhibition Centre has around 90 parking spots, which should have been bringing BTP extra revenue. However, because of the way that parking payments were managed (BTP was taking manual payments at their cafe), time was being wasted on administration, and the majority of people parking in their car park were getting away with not paying.

“For every person who did the right thing [and paid for parking], 3 to 4 parkers didn’t and were taking advantage of free parking.”
- Brett McLeod, CEO EventEnterprises

This created an enforcement problem that CEO Brett McLeod wanted to solve. He looked into a variety of parking platforms and solutions before coming across the Parkable app, which will improve parking at BTP through seamless phone payments, tracking of who is parking where, and automated problem-solving.

“Parkable seemed to be the best fit for our business with customizable solutions for the various scenarios we needed to address.”
- Brett McLeod

By replacing a manual payment process with an app that automates payments and monitoring, BTP’s car park will become a far more valuable asset. Plus, by listing on a platform with thousands of people searching for parking, BTP will use Parkable to find more parkers, increasing the use of their car park in between events. Brett says that these features will “increase the rate of parkers actually paying to park, creating an enhanced additional revenue stream.”

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