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There’s a better way to do car park administration

If you’re like most large companies, the time and money you spend administrating your staff car park is a daily pain point. With Parkable, you can join other businesses that are already monitoring their parks remotely, experiencing automated problem-solving, accessing real-time reporting, and using smart data to achieve their transport goals.

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Car park administration can be frustrating, time-consuming business. The list of daily admin tasks is extensive, from arranging tows, managing waitlists, monitoring parking infringements, reconciling parking fees with salary deductions, developing reports, and issuing parking invoices and receipts (sorry if we made your eyes glaze over).

In some businesses, these tasks accumulate to hundreds of hours of work each year. In others, they add up to a full-time administration job.

“After talking to administrators and facility managers, we quickly realised that staff parking is a massive headache for basically every business. Companies are spending time and money on slow, old-fashioned administration, when they could be using a smart management system and drastically reducing those costs.”
- Brody Nelson, CTO Parkable

Some of the most time-consuming jobs are enforcement, and, in Australia, tracking car park use to have accurate records for Fringe Benefit Tax. KPMG Auckland, for example, was spending 30 minutes each morning manually checking cars to ensure that no one was parked in their car park who shouldn’t be. Over 250 working days, that added up to 125 hours of enforcement each year, with additional time spent on system updates every three months and other administrative tasks.

“Enforcement required daily checking of all the cars and was extremely archaic and time consuming.”
- Ross Turner, Facilities Coordinator at KPMG

Plus, for Australian companies within 1km of a commercial car park, you can end up paying a huge amount of Fringe Benefit Tax for providing parking to your staff. Many businesses end up keeping detailed records of car park use, including who is parking where, when, and for how long - and traditionally this involves manual checks of each parking bay, sometimes a number of times each day. This requires a large investment of time and administration resource.

The problem is simple - luckily, so is the solution.

“Parkable for Business is the result of three years of hard work and problem-solving. I’m excited to see the positive impact it’s having on so many of our clients, from some of New Zealand’s biggest corporations, like Datacom, Spark, IAG and KPMG, to smaller businesses like APRA.”
- Paul Field, General Manager NZ, Parkable

Parkable spent three years interviewing facility managers about the most frustrating aspects of staff parking and developing a car park management solution that would reduce time waste, create a better parking experience for staff, and improve space utilisation. The result, Parkable for Business, provides a number of smart tools for car park administration:

  • Monitor parking activity remotely. The platform tracks all parking behaviour, so you know who’s parking where without manually monitoring the car park.
  • Access real-time reporting. The admin dashboard shows you infographics of your car park usage, including number of sessions and individual session length.
  • Receive automatic infringement notices. Any user can record parking infringements on the app, with reports sent directly to administrators in real-time.
  • Enjoy automated problem solving. When infringements occur, the platform alerts infringers that they need to move their vehicles, and redirects those who have missed out on their bay to the next available parking space.
  • Automate payments. The app also handles parking payments for both subscription and casual parking, emails receipts, and manages reconciliation.

“Parkable allows us to monitor daily activity remotely and more efficiently. For example, we get infringement reports so we can keep track of cars that shouldn’t be using our spaces.”
- Ross Turner, Facilities Coordinator, KPMG Auckland

Used together, these features not only reduce admin time, but also empower companies to improve and deploy their transport targets through the use of smart data. Once equipped with information from Parkable for Business, companies can proactively improve the efficiency and utilisation of their car parks, design policies that enhance the staff parking experience, and intelligently implement other transport goals, such as reducing carbon pollution and increasing car-pooling among staff.

“Our aim is to be carbon neutral by 2030 and reduce single driving into work. Using Parkable for Business can help as it allows us to keep statistics of usage over the car park.”
- Ross Turner, Facilities Coordinator, KPMG

Your current car park administration might be painful and time-intensive - but it doesn’t have to be. Cut your admin time down to size and move to a smart management tool! Click the buttons below to learn more about Parkable for Business, or jump to the chase and book a free demo.

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