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Meet the commercial leasing agents adding $1000s in revenue for clients every month

3 commercial leasing agents who boosted client revenue - using only their car park

Coen Riddle is a commercial leasing agent for CBRE in Brisbane who has introduced a number of his clients to Parkable. Why? Because when clients are between leases or have commercial excess, Parkable can help them boost their interim or ongoing revenue by subletting parking space to the public.

"Parkable are great at generating income for owners and landlords in between leases on a flexible basis. Being present on vacant sites also gives added security."
- Coen Riddle, CBRE Brisbane

Riddle has a client with a commercial vacancy in the residential Hamilton area of Brisbane. Since signing up with Parkable in July 2019, the property owner has consistently made around $3,200 AUD per month. Even during the locked-down months of this year, Riddle’s client has maintained a strong revenue stream.

In Auckland, Damien Bullick, a commercial agent from Bayleys, introduced Parkable to a property owner in the CBD. The property owner had a car park near Karangahape Rd that was just sitting vacant. Now, the owner makes around $3,000 NZD per month by subleasing their car park on Parkable to Auckland commuters.

Another Auckland agent, commercial broker Steven Hook, says that Parkable has helped him to close deals. By providing prospective tenants with a way to sublease excess car parks, Hook can remove fiscal obstacles for tenants.

“It makes me feel really good that I can pass on a contact like Parkable that adds value to the client. The client will thank me for the introduction and for adding value to their business, and that helps me to build relationships."
- Steven Hook, Commercial Broker

Parkable’s flexible platform is ideal for commercial vacancies and excess

There are two common problems for commercial property owners:

  1. Having excess, unused parking space that isn’t needed by tenants
  2. Waiting for weeks or months to fill a vacancy

In both situations, the property owner’s parking space is sitting empty - and isn’t making them any revenue. Most commercial leasing agents don’t have a solution for clients in these situations. It’s simply a problem that isn’t solved.

Instead, agents like Coen Riddle, Damien Bullick and Steven Hook are going above and beyond to help their clients and boost revenue.

"It's a fantastic service. The car parks were all booked out within the first week of listing. Our client is extremely happy and we will definitely be looking at using Parkable for our other clients."
- JLL Property Manager

The benefits of Parkable as a solution for your clients

Parkable is a parking app which connects vacant parking space with either the public or neighbouring businesses. Whenever people park in their car park, your client earns income.

Unlike other parking companies, with Parkable there are no long-term contracts. Car parks can be listed when the space is vacant, and removed once you find a tenant or the property owner wants the space for a different use.

Plus, our agent referral program lets us say thank you to commercial property agents who connect us with property owners in CBD and fringe areas.


It’s easy - all you need to do is…

  1. Provide a positive introduction between us and your client
  2. Our team lists the car park on the Parkable platform and manages the property
  3. Your client earns the best rates for space

Parkable is trusted by leading commercial property agencies across Australasia, including Commercial Bay, Kiwi Property, Precinct Properties and Stride.

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