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On Jan 27 2021 / by Wyoming Paul

Why supplying staff parking at CBD offices is so crucial for employee experience

With Parkable, IAG employees like Mona can access the work car park for affordable, convenient parking

IAG at the NZI Centre uses Parkable to manage their staff parking. We talked to IAG employee Mona about his experience using Parkable when he commutes to work.

Mona is a Marine Underwriter at IAG’s NZI Centre in Auckland. His job involves underwriting insurance policies, mostly commercial with some pleasurecraft.

Before IAG implemented Parkable in June 2019, Mona had no access to the NZI Centre staff car park. Instead of parking onsite, Mona could park at the Wilson car park near work for $30 per day (early bird).

“Before Parkable, we just weren’t able to park this close to work. But now, thanks to this app, we’re able to park at work, and it’s $15 cheaper than parking next door.

“Parking at work is way more convenient. During winter when it’s cold and raining it was just nice to be able to get to work and head home without having to walk in the rain. It’s just a real convenience factor.”

Flexible working since Covid-19

Since Covid-19, Mona has worked from home part-time, coming into the office two or three days a week. Covid has forced IAG to change and adapt, and Mona says that Parkable has fit into the new flexi-working policy well.

“I love that IAG has flexible working. That's huge, to be honest. And it fits with Parkable - when I am in the office, Parkable means I can park easily at work.”

With Parkable, employees with an allocated parking spot can easily share it with colleagues through the app when they’re on leave or working remotely. As flexi-working means that fewer staff come into the NZI Centre office on any given day, using Parkable to share space efficiently between employees is even more important. With Parkable, company parks don’t sit empty and staff driving into work have a positive experience, rather than parking in expensive commercial car parks.

“When I heard that we were using Parkable I thought ‘Oh, wow, that's really cool - using technology and not letting dead space go to waste.’ To me, it's a very open mindset to just try to be a little bit more efficient with the resources that we have.”

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