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On Apr 26 2019 / by Wyoming Paul

Parkable is growing

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be employing eight new innovators as Parkable revs up for an exciting international expansion.

The "scrappy startup" office (2016-2018)

The new Parkable office at Futureside (2018-current)

Parkable is a sharing economy business which has become one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing tech startups, connecting the spare space held by businesses, individuals and organisations with those looking for easy parking. Our new office is an amazing place to work, populated by a talented and committed team of people.

If you’re talented, committed, and passionate about innovation too, we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking to fill three developer roles (one senior, two midweight), three key accounts sales positions, and two marketing roles (one senior, one midweight).

The next 12 months are set to be an exciting ride, as Parkable expands into Brisbane, China, and begins a trial in Hong Kong. Within New Zealand, we help to solve parking problems for some of the country’s largest enterprises, as well as for medium-sized and small local businesses.

As our territories and business clients grow, so will the abilities of our app, as we solve parking problems of all shapes and sizes and look to the future of transport.

Interested in being part of the solution? Click here for more details

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