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On Jun 26 2019 / by Wyoming Paul

Really (really) bad parking jokes

On a rainy day in the Parkable office, when there are no treats in the kitchen and we’re already up to our eyeballs in coffee, there’s nothing better for lifting our spirits than a really terrible joke about parking (of which there are many). Here are some of our infamous favourites to get you through the day - we tried to rank them from bad to absolute worst, but realised there are no winners here.

  • I was getting in my car when a friend asked for a lift. So I said, “OK, you look amazing tonight”, and off I drove.

  • The other day, an attendant stopped me in a hospital car park and said, “You can’t park here. It’s badge holders only.” I looked them in the eye and said, “I do have a bad shoulder.”

  • "Will you validate my parking?"
    "You did a great job. Evenly spaced and the perfect distance from the kerb."

  • I was complimented on my parking today... someone left a note on my car saying "Parking Fine."
  • Q. When is a car not a car?
    A. When it’s turning into a driveway.

  • Q. What do you do when you see a spaceman?
    A. Park in it, man!

  • Q. What driver never gets a parking ticket?
    A. A screw-driver.

  • Policeman: What do you think you are doing parking your car there?
    Driver: I thought it was good place to park. It says "Safety Zone."
  • Q. What happens when a frog parks in a no-parking space?
    A. It gets toad away.

  • I couldn’t back out of the car parking space so I used my back-up plan.

If you’re still reading this… well done. You made it!

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