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On Apr 26 2019 / by Wyoming Paul

Small businesses on using Parkable

Having parking space available to staff is important for small businesses, but often that space will lie empty during certain hours of the day, or a business will have more parking bays than they need.

Small New Zealand businesses like Gina’s Italian Kitchen and La Marzocco are using Parkable to make sure their parking space is always in use, and to create extra income.

Gina’s Italian Kitchen

Joyce Fantoni, co-owner of family-run restaurant Gina’s Italian Kitchen, was trying to find a way to lease their parking bays during the day. She said “Quite often during the day our parking spaces were unused. I tried advertising online and on our website. Then I found out about Parkable.”

Gina’s parking spaces are rented by the business from a third party, and the income they get from having those spaces on Parkable covers this rental cost, essentially giving Gina’s free parking. Plus, Joyce says that the ease and flexibility of the platform works for them. “As a provider it’s really easy to use. It’s flexible. You can choose your hours, you can choose which days.”

It also means that Gina’s car parks aren’t lying vacant throughout the day, instead being filled by commuters into Auckland city centre.

La Marzocco

Tom Handiside, New Zealand General Manager of La Marzocco, had more parking space that his team needed. “We downloaded Parkable because we grew as a business, and when we did, we took on the lease for [a larger office space]. When we did so, we got four extra car parks that we really didn’t need, and we had to come up with a solution on how to lease those.”

Tom has found Parkable to be an easy and efficient way to lease La Marzocco’s parking bays. “It’s super quick. I can make changes on my phone, I can open up more parks, I can actually interact with the people parking if I need to.”

Plus, the business has been putting their Parkable income to good use - “Certainly our Friday night social fun has benefitted”, he said. “It’s just another way that we can earn a bit of money.”

If you have a business with unused parking bays, why not find out how much you could make by sharing your space on Parkable!

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