On Mar 30 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Datacom Wellington launches Parkable to seamlessly transition to fewer car parks

With fewer car parks, Datacom needed to make efficient use of every space

Datacom Wellington previously had two large car parks, which accommodated the majority of their staff members. However, in June they lost 100 parking spots when a car park they leased needed to have ongoing maintenance.

This left Datacom in a tricky situation, as they needed to accommodate the same number of employees but with half the parking space. Change management was a big concern, as they wanted to make the transition as painless as possible for everyone.

Datacom knew that the Auckland branch had undergone a car park similar transition in 2017, and had used Parkable to help.

“We implemented Parkable as we had made similar moves in Auckland when reducing car parks in 2017. Parkable helped us to streamline and assist with the change for staff and we knew they could do it again."
- Ilona Joe, Group Facilities Manager New Zealand, Datacom

Using the Parkable app, Datacom staff can book an onsite park in advance, giving them confidence in their commute. This also deters people from driving in early to secure a park, which is a possibility for some staff but not those with pre-work commitments, like working parents. Staff can also check real-time availability, so they don’t drive into the car park without knowing if they’ll find an available spot.

"Parkable gives our staff a tool for booking parking in advance and checking car park availability. We're confident that with Parkable, this will be a far easier change for our staff, and it's great to be able to provide a solution."
- Ilona Joe

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