On Mar 03 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Electricians, bring more value to clients when installing EV chargers

Pair Parkable's EV charger software with EV charger hardware

Calling all EV charger installers!

Get an edge on the competition by partnering with Parkable, an award-winning software company now offering EV charger payments and management.

Why partner with Parkable?

  1. Clip the ticket whenever someone charges their EV
  2. Parkable’s software supports all OCPP 1.6J-compliant smart chargers
  3. Provide a better product to clients - sell your charger hardware while also solving the issue of payment and management

What does Parkable’s EV software offer your clients?

  • Seamless payments: EV drivers pay for their exact kW h usage via the award-winning Parkable app, solving the problem of charger payments for organisations.
  • Smart management: Organisations can give EV charger access to private groups of staff, visitors, or even the public through Parkable’s app.
  • Real-time reporting: Administrators can view real-time usage of all EV chargers on Parkable’s simple admin panel and receive customisable reports for an accurate view of how chargers are used over time for more informed decision-making.

If you’re an electrician or EV charger installer and are interested in learning more, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us below for more information or a quick chat!

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