On Feb 25 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Frank Accounting launches Parkable to ensure staff parks don’t sit empty

More parking access for staff and ability to recoup lease costs

Frank Accounting is based in Parnell, where parking is scarce. However their three onsite car parks often sit empty, because they are allocated to directors and senior staff members who only work in the office a couple of days each week, or drop in for meetings.

Instead of letting these parking spots sit empty part of the time, Frank Accounting decided to make their parks available to other staff members and the public through Parkable’s car park management software and app.

"Our car parks were often sitting empty whenever the senior staff weren't using them. Parkable is great as it allows us to make use of these spaces to both the public and our team, keeping our people happy."
- Jessica Chan, Client Experience Manager

Frank Accounting can also recoup their car park lease costs by charging an hourly and daily casual parking rate to staff and the public.

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