On Feb 25 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Fulton Hogan launches Parkable to optimise car parks and increase staff satisfaction

A change to Fulton Hogan Brisbane's lease meant that there were no longer enough parks for every staff member

Nine months ago, Fulton Hogan in Brisbane went from holding the lease on an entire office building and all of its car parks, to holding the lease on only half the building with half the number of car parks. While they had enough working space, parking spots were suddenly scarce.

This had significant impacts on staff commuting to the office:

“Our staff were used to being able to get a car park whenever they wanted it, but with new tenants moving into vacant building space, we were left short of available parks almost every day.”
- Jules Riding-Hill, Senior Executive Assistant

With fewer parking spots, it was only senior staff who were guaranteed an allocated car park. However, because senior staff travelled interstate and sometimes worked remotely, their car park spaces were often left empty, while other staff members couldn’t park onsite. This created frustration and let a valuable paid resource go to waste.

“It was understandably frustrating when many assigned car parks underground were left vacant whilst remaining staff struggled to find a park.”
- Jules Riding-Hill

Instead of leasing more car parks while their existing spaces sat empty, Fulton Hogan launched Parkable to drive efficient use of their parking spaces.

Through the Parkable app, senior staff members can easily share their allocated parks with colleagues when they’re out of the office. That means that their parks don’t sit empty, and other employees have an easier commute by parking onsite.

“The main benefit I see that Parkable brings to Fulton Hogan is staff satisfaction. They can see that we are actively trying to solve car parking issues. From day one we had the majority of our staff sign on and start using and sharing their bays. Staff view it as a win each day that they are assigned an empty parking bay.”
- Jules Riding-Hill

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