On Mar 03 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Product release: Future booking with fairer sharing

With Parkable, employees can now book parking into the future, with fair distribution built in

It’s always been our aim to make employee parking stress-free, easy, and fair. Over the last few months, our product team has been hard at work creating future booking with fairer sharing, so that Parkable can facilitate stress-free, easy, fair staff parking... on a whole new level.

Future booking allows staff to request parking on any day in the future, and to secure their car park bookings a week in advance for confident commuting. Plus, Parkable’s allocation algorithm distributes parks fairly amongst the team, which creates a better, more equitable work culture.

Why easy, fair staff parking matters

Staff parking may make some people shrug, “Who cares?” But the reality is: your staff care. Commuting and parking affect your employees every day they come into the office, and that flows through to employers’ major concerns about their teams - engagement, productivity, retention, culture, and wellbeing.

Luckily, we’ve found that simply by changing your workplace parking, you can dramatically improve the commute for your staff:

  • Prior to using Parkable, 25% of staff said that their commute was 'bad' or 'terrible'.
  • With Parkable, 76% of those who previously had negative commutes said that their commute had become 'good' or 'amazing'.
  • The number of staff who classified their commute as 'amazing' or 'good' more than doubled after Parkable was implemented, growing from 31% to 69.9%.
  • A third of employees said that their perception of their workplace culture changed for the better because of Parkable.

Through future booking, we’re taking the next step to even better commutes and fairer parking, so your employees arrive to work feeling well cared for and engaged.

Future booking with fairer sharing

Confident commuting

Your employees know when they have parking booked for the week ahead, so they can drive in or select alternative transport with confidence.

Fairer staff parking

Instead of letting your staff race to secure a park, Parkable’s allocation algorithm fairly distributes parking among all members of your team who have requested a park.

Admin powers

Administrators can override the allocation algorithm by prioritising certain employees’ requests and cancelling reservations, so you stay in control.

Next steps

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