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The multifamily guide to managing visitor parking

Table of contents

  1. The problem with apartment visitor parking
  2. Why you need visitor parking apartment registration
  3. Solutions to solve visitor parking chaos
  4. A better experience for residents

Parking can be a struggle with multifamily parking lots, where many residents live in a building or an apartment complex.

One of the most frequent frustrations facing multifamily living is guest and visitor parking misuse.

Creating frustrations for building management and residents alike that range from the inconvenience of having to park further away all the way to property theft... This is despite parking spaces often being designated for visitors only.

The problem with apartment visitor parking

Problems for residents

Residents need to have trust and confidence that they will be able to park in their space. Visitor parking in apartments is crucial because, without it, visitors may take a resident's spot, causing a lot of frustration. One way to approach this issue is by introducing visitor parking registration. More on this below.

Problems for guests

A guest who misses out on visitor parking and chooses to park in a resident's parking spot may find themselves with a nasty note on their windshield. Or even their vehicle being towed! So this can cause stress and frustration for them and any resident they might be visiting. They might also choose not to frequent the area if they can never find enough parking.

Why you need visitor parking apartment registration

A better experience

Ensuring there’s always adequate parking at your building is a crucial part of ensuring residents are happy, and want to stay in your complex. Parking is a frequent complaint whether you’re in an apartment or office parking lot, and it can even cause people to abandon plans or refuse to go places if they know that it's going to be a hassle to park there.

In addition, parking availability is an important consideration for many tenants. So creating a better experience around parking makes your location more attractive to potential and current tenants.

Better security

Visitor parking apartment registration gives you comprehensive and up-to-date information on what is happening in your car park. This is great for understanding how your resources are being used and increasing security for tenants and visitors.

In addition, registration can be used to record who was present during incidents. Online visitor parking software can also be used to grant access to gated parking lots, giving another layer of safety and security to your building.

Increase retention

Keeping residents happy requires a combination of proactive communication, responsive maintenance, and offering amenities that make living in the building a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Improving the visitor parking experience is an important amenity that will ultimately make your complex more attractive to potential tenants and reduce churn by keeping your current tenants happy.

Solutions to solve visitor parking chaos

1. Create a system

The most important step to organizing visitor parking is having a system that management, visitors, and tenants can quickly understand and seamlessly use. This can be streamlined with parking management software that simplifies signing in and out and keeps enforcement a breeze.

Start by understanding what you need by understanding what problems you're currently having and what your goals are. This will help you create a system tailored to your needs.

2. Introduce signage

Communication is key, and letting tenants and visitors know what's going on with visitor parking and how it'll work will create greater understanding. Ensure that these signs have the full amount of information or a link or QR code that can direct guests and tenants to a place with the full information for them.

Having clear and prominent signage will streamline changes to visitor parking and make enforcement easier for you or a parking management company (if you choose to go that way).

3. Do it online

Online software is the easiest way to manage anything in our complicated and lightning-fast world. This gives an easy-to-use and easy-to-access solution for all tenants, management, and visitors using apartment visitor parking to ensure that parking is being used correctly. It is easier and can offer various other options for revenue, organization, and cost-cutting.

4. Communicate and onboard

Communication is key, and there will come a point when onboarding is necessary. Ensure you give plenty of warning and address any concerns as they arise.

If you decide on visitor parking software, most solutions often come with dedicated support. By working closely with the vendor, you can implement an onboarding plan that works for residents and management alike.

A better experience for residents

Leveraging visitor parking apartment registration for a better experience for guests, management, and families living in apartment buildings is an excellent way to streamline business and remove one more item from your to-do list.

If you’re tired of dealing with the same old visitor parking problems, you can get in touch here about a solution that works for your residents.

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