On Feb 23 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Humm group launches Parkable to share allocated parks fairly among flexible working team

Financial Services company humm group has over 300 staff at their Newmarket office, with under 70 staff parking spots. Their parks are allocated on a salary sacrifice model to executives, as well as to employees who have spent time on a waitlist.

Parking at work was a challenge for the rest of their team, and with 300 employees, the waitlist for an allocated park was only growing longer.

Flexible working and Parkable

Recently, humm group moved to a flexible working system, so staff can work remotely when they choose to. With employees frequently away from the office, allocated car parks were sitting empty. humm group saw this as an opportunity to share their car parks more evenly within the team, and launched Parkable to make the process easy.

Using the Parkable app, humm group employees with an allocated park simply share their spot with their colleagues whenever they’re away from the office. This ensures that parks won’t sit empty, and staff without an allocated park can check the app and book a park in advance for a daily parking fee.

"I can't believe we already have live bookings this morning [at Parkable’s launch] from people sharing their parks!"
- Aleisha Withers, humm group administrator

humm group also chose to unhook their salary sacrifice scheme, and instead use Parkable to charge a weekly fee for allocated parking. When someone shares their allocated bay with colleagues and another member of the team parks there, half of their daily parking rate is returned to the allocated park holder as a discount toward the next week’s parking fee, incentivising sharing.

The remainder of the casual parking fees are used to pay for the Parkable platform, and to donate to charity.

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