On Feb 24 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

IAG at NZI Centre launches Parkable and donates proceeds to Red Cross

In early June, IAG launched Parkable at its NZI Centre location, following success at IAG Christchurch and IAG Albany, both of which launched Parkable during 2018. This will allow IAG staff to share their allocated bays with colleagues and direct their profits to the Red Cross, with Parkable also donating the regular three-month SaaS fee to the Red Cross.

By implementing Parkable, IAG aims to improve the commuting and parking experience for staff, and to better utilise their car park. Before launching Parkable's parking management software, the NZI Centre’s car park was constantly underutilised. Parking bays at the NZI Centre are assigned to executives, who are often at meetings, travelling, or working out of office, leaving their parking bays sitting empty during the workday. At the same time, IAG staff without an allocated bay are parking off-site at commercial car parks and paying between $24 and $55 each day.

“It’s great that we can support charity by optimising our car parks downstairs.”
- Doreen Simoneti, Admin Manager, IAG at NZI Centre

Parkable allows those with an allocated bay to share their spot with colleagues when they’re out of the office. Because these bays are priced far lower than nearby commercial car parks and are situated directly below the office, parking in these spaces saves staff both time and money. Staff can also use the app to see whether shared bays are available, and to book in advance and secure a parking spot for the next day.

“Parkable is so cool, it allows you to make money by offering your vacant space privately to your colleagues and also offer your residential vacancy to the public!”
- Tracey Church, employee at IAG NZI Centre

Bay holders who share their bays are given the choice of either being remunerated, or having any profits directed to the Red Cross.

Pictured from left to right: Tim Griffith (Manager Property & Administration), Sam Tetro and Ashley Mai (Parkable)

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