On Feb 23 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Lion launches Parkable at new Auckland office to align staff parking with flexible working

Last month, Lion launched Parkable’s parking management software at its new Auckland office. Lion wanted to match its car parking needs to its people’s needs and sustainability values, with the move to a new 6 Green Star rated premises, while at the same time reducing car park lease costs. Parkable’s software was implemented as the solution.

1:1 allocation of staff car parks is no longer effective with flexible working

In Lion’s previous premises, the company allocated car parks to specific team members on a 1:1 basis. Lion was an early adopter of flexible working, and the team embraced this when the policy was introduced in 2016.

However, flexible working meant that when allocated car park holders worked elsewhere, their car parks sat empty. Lion was paying lease costs for unused parking space and from a sustainability point of view, felt that unused space in a city-fringe location did not match their values.

Lion wanted to move to a new office building with parking that reflected the way its team works.

Flexible working calls for a flexible parking solution

With Parkable, Lion was able to reduce its car park lease with the knowledge that parking is used efficiently, and its team has flexibility. The Parkable app provides eligible Lion employees with live car park availability information and the ability to book a park in advance, so they can commute with confidence.

“Being able to have the visibility of parking availability and book car parks as you need them has enabled Lion to reduce the number of leased car parks while still providing sufficient and flexible parking for the team. I don’t think we could have done that without a solution like Parkable.”
- Julian Waller, Commercial Director

As well as the benefits of reducing costs and improving employee commutes, Parkable provided Lion with a way to align its flexible working policy in the office with a car park that’s just as flexible.

“Our new office embraces flexibility with bookable desks and creative meeting spaces. With the help of Parkable, we have been able to replicate this with our car parks. We’re saving costs, saving space; ultimately we’ve achieved a more sustainable option for car parking.”
- Julian Waller

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