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How to maximize space, ROI, and employee experience to drive results

Table of contents:

  1. Say goodbye to parking hassles and hello to savings
  2. Revolutionising the morning commute
  3. How Meta incorporated smart parking software
  4. The workplace parking solution

As businesses seek to bring employees back to the physical workplace, the challenge remains to cultivate the right environment that meets the needs of the hybrid workforce. However, employees express reluctance to return, causing a reduction in the occupancy levels, which have only reached 50% of pre-covid levels, impacting workplace efficiency.

As a result, many of our customers, including Meta, KPMG, and Cambridge University, face the challenge of right-sizing property and office space by renegotiating leases and downsizing their office footprint while maintaining employee experience.

One major factor in this equation is the commute. Many employees are reluctant to return to the office due to the inconvenience and cost of commuting. Meanwhile, property managers and facility managers are looking to downsize their office footprint to reduce costs. But reducing office space should not come at the expense of employee experience.

This is where Parkable comes in. Parkable is a parking management system and app that helps businesses find the sweet spot between rightsizing space, ROI, and employee experience. By using Parkable, companies can optimize their parking real estate, improve employee experience, and reduce costs.

Let's take a look at three examples of how companies have achieved this with Parkable.

Say goodbye to parking hassles and hello to savings

BNZ, a mid-sized bank focused on revenue, wanted to reduce costs by optimizing the use of its headquarters' car parks. Using Parkable, BNZ stopped leasing a second car park, resulting in significant annual savings. Staff experience improved as they could book a park in advance and access free parks onsite whenever executives shared their allocated spot. Moreover, the billing and management system was replaced with automatic payment and receipts, and real-time visibility of car park occupancy.

Revolutionising the morning commute

National Restaurant Association (NRA): The NRA wanted to make the return to the office as easy and seamless as possible for staff, starting with the morning commute. Parkable provided flexible parking permits that were attractive to staff. Sarah Kane, from the NRA, said, "Parkable has provided a complete parking solution for us. Booking, payment…plus an efficient system for managing the parking garage that reduces the time spent thinking about parking." The association now offers flexible parking permits that staff can pay for on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Parkable also enabled them to offer empty car parks to sub-tenants at $13 a day. The CFO is thrilled that their facilities have become not only a cost-cutting area but also a revenue-generating center.

How Meta incorporated smart parking software

Example 3 - Meta: Meta dealt with similar challenges when they abandoned part of their new European HQ in Dublin after sweeping job cuts last year.They invested in the workplace parking experience by implementing Parkable, which resulted in reduced office footprint and number of car parks. Dublin did not have enough stalls for staff, but Parkable helped them by providing visibility of onsite assets, enabling them to relinquish offsite leases. Although the USA focus was different, they have since scrapped charging and are now interested in reducing their office footprint further.

Parkable's app and platform provide businesses with the tools they need to reimagine their parking systems. The app enables users to book and share parking spots, resulting in a positive culture, improved experience, and increased revenue. Meanwhile, the platform uses automation and AI to significantly reduce admin time and optimize parking real estate.

The workplace parking solution

In conclusion, businesses can find the sweet spot between rightsizing space, ROI, and employee experience by using Parkable's parking management system and app. By doing so, they can improve their employees' experience, reduce costs, and optimize their parking real estate. With Parkable, businesses can make the commute easier, make the workplace more appealing, and deliver on bottom line business goals. Ultimately, this can lead to increased revenue and a more positive workplace culture. So, reimagine parking with Parkable and make the most out of your office space.

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